How to choose a perfect rangefinder for your game?

Get ready to start playing your best golf but don’t know how to choose a best golf rangefinders for your great journey?


No worries, here some advice for a newer to the rangefinder world.

  • Accuracy

The most important function of a rangefinder is giving you the proper distance. If you don’t have the correct number, you might guess as well. This isn’t as much of an issue as it’s been in the past with new technology but this is still the most important feature.

  • Slope Measurement Capabilities

Rangefinders can not only tell you precise distance but they can also tell you if your shot is down or uphill. Only certain models come with the slope compensation features and are usually a bit pricier. And, they’re also illegal to play with during tournament play to make sure it’s turned off for events.

  • Range

What’s the maximum distance it can shoot reliably? Rangefinders claim to be able to shoot a thousand yards but it’s not realistic since the magnification isn’t strong enough for you to see a target that far.

  • Ease of Use

Like the accuracy, this isn’t as important as rangefinders become more reliable and consistent. However, that doesn’t mean all of them are easy to use. Ideally, you want one that you can pick up, hit a button, hold with one hand, and have an exact distance to a flag or hazard.
(Note:a long range is worthless if you can’t see the target from where you are. Be sure to have a large enough magnification (at least 5x) to see far-away targets.)

  • Price

The price for rangefinders tends to fall within the mid $100 range to the over $500 range with the sweet spot being around $250. The $150 rangefinders are pretty solid and functional while the more expensive ones give you extra features. Some of theme include slope calculation, pin seeking tech, and even 2D hole layouts.

  • Battery Life

This is almost a non-issue as they can last six months to a year, unlike wearable devices like a golf watch.

  • Water Proof

If you’re playing a lot of winter golf or in the rain, you want to make sure that the rangefinder can withstand the conditions and won’t lose your money when the first rain hits.

  • Storage and Looks

Rangefinders aren’t cheap so you want to make sure it comes with a case that can handle some wear and tear. Between being dropped, playing in inclimate weather, and travelling, you want to make sure the case will help increase the life of your rangefinder. And while all the previous functions are important, you also want one that looks good and easily recognizable.

As you can see, there are some awesome choices when it comes to finding great rangefinders to help you hit better approach shots and improve your games. As for me, I would consider the price, functionality, and durability when choosing.

I believe, pair a solid rangefinder with an affordable golf rangefinder and you will quickly start playing your best golf!

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