Advantages of Using a Golf Rangefinder

Now most rangefinders are in the market are in two priority based, First priority which reads the first object in its line of view and ignores further objects and second priority ignores the first object and sees past it to a more distant object the unit is.

  • First Priority Rangefinders are extremely useful on the golf course. The golf courses are designed so that there are mostly nothing between you and your flag. If you want to range on the flag that is maybe 100 yards away it will read 100 and not say, 120 yards which might the trees in the background.
  • There are different models of rangefinders from different brands in the market like Bushnell, Nikon, TecTecTec or Leupold and each model has a different feature that they provide along with the general range finding needs.
  • The most exceptional technologies includes the use of laser to pinpoint the flag and marking the target giving you the exact distance to it and all of this can be achieved by a single button.
  • These rangefinders come with the reputation of cutting down your tee time and enhancing your gold experience all together.

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